A creative day with SLQ


For one fabulous day in August Townsville hosted the ‘Innovation in Public Libraries Professional Development’ event organised by the State Library of Queensland. Though I was probably one of the only ‘non librarians’ I felt really at home as the main subject of the series of workshops and activities was creativity and design thinking. From pretending to be brush turkeys in an interactive, fun role game to team activities, such as building crafty models out of our design thinking solutions, there were certainly a lot of ideas how to turn libraries into creative spaces.


Even a minor earthquake that shook the whole building couldn’t stop our enthusiasm. I am still proud of our team that suggested to introduce sustainable practices into the libraries and plain refused to use the provided craft materials to build a model of their solution. Instead we re-used the butchers paper and built a bin for all the rubbish that had accumulated on our table!


The true hero of the day was NAO, a very cute robot that instantly won the hearts of everyone. This little fellow had a mind of his own and didn’t always follow our commands but he sure was way cooler than our self built brush-bots and the OZOBOTs…


Last but not least we were all given a copy of the report ‘The Impact of Libraries as Creative Spaces’ and some ‘how to’ guidelines. One thing is for sure, the future of our public libraries looks very bright!

Sabine Carter


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